David Knight - 30th Aug 2017

In Joseph Wallace's utterly charming stop-motion animated video for Sparks, puppet versions of Russell and Ron Mael find themselves in Paris, and then engaged in hot pursuit of an elusive bird of paradise.

This was clearly a labour of love by Wallace who was involved in all aspects of the production, from making the puppets and sets, to camerawork and editing, and has done a great job.

PRO Credits


DirectorJoseph Wallace
ProducerCarla Mooney
Production CompanyCardel
CommissionerFaye Purcell
LabelBmg Rights Management Ltd
ProducerDelwyn Mooney
Director of PhotographyJoseph Wallace
EditorJoseph Wallace
Director's RepresentationCardel
Other creditsAnimation: Joseph Wallace, Roos Mattaar, Aiden Whittam Puppets: Roos Mattaar, Joseph Wallace Sets: Aiden Whittam, Katrina Hood, Heather Colbert, Joseph Wallace, Roos Mattaar, Mary Murphy Retouching: Milán Kopasz Thanks: Simon Tytherleigh, John Wright, UWE, Dik Downey, James Hadrill, Dean Sudron, Nigel Wallace, Alice Saey Commissioner Faye Purcell

David Knight - 30th Aug 2017

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