David Knight - 3rd Oct 2017

Danish trio Off Bloom's bolshy Shut Up And Let Me Walk gets a suitably visceral visual from Daniel Alexander Harris that treads a fine line between dance performance and a proper punch-up.

Within a highly designed and colour-coded set, there's snarling aggression, blood and bruises, courtesy of fight choreographer Kev McCurdy - and also room for a proper pop performance too.


"Working this idea, I wanted to put across something that had contradictory elements of minimalism and chaos. 

"Our foundations of block-colour styling, an open cove studio, the single-line fight ring and MOVI gimbal work for performance set up intentional contrasts with the chaotic, handheld camera work of our fight sections, our loose approach to showing elements of the studio space and the choreography. The choreography was layered with acting that sought out a certain level of scrappiness that brings in that human element of keep hitting or be hit. 

"When the idea was confirmed, I knew I wanted to work with Kev McCurdy on fight choreography. We shared an ethos of 'if it's real, then it will look real'. We had awesome cast involved who were willing to get bruised and commit to our choreography - I can't thank Kev, Denis, Charlotte, Kojo and Sam enough for their commitment to the fights. 

"Thank you to Imo, Jamie, Alexa and the My Accomplice team for all their support on this one."

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Alexander Harris
ProducerImogen Harrison
Production CompanyMy Accomplice
Executive ProducerJamie Clark
1st ADAto Yankey
Director of PhotographySpike Morris
Focus PullerJack Exton
2nd ACToby Mckay
GafferPeter Bishop
Art DirectorRafaela Spangenthal
WardrobeBeth Buxton
Make-upNatalie Young
EditorRob Brandon
EditorLu Xiao-wei
ColouristJax Harney
Colour grade companyCHEAT
Lead actorKojo Hammond / Charlotte Hawthorn / Sam Behan / Denis Rai
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood @ Freeagent

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2017

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