David Knight - 13th Oct 2017

After making three videos, shooting live gigs and a documentary, it's been six years since Mats Udd last worked with First Aid Kit. Now he's marked their reunion with a real gem.

In side-by-side, stereoscopic vision, the Söderberg sisters take the same trip, walk the same streets, meet the same busking band, go bowling. But their experiences are very different: Johanna has a magical time; Klara has a total stinker. 

All the time, they are both singing the track It's A Shame, in their unmistakeable harmonic style. W, where the Swedish folk-pop duo's video was premiered, reports that it was inspired by the movie Sliding Doors. And old video-heads may be drawn to remember the Gondry classic for Cibo Matto. But the fact that we're not looking at two identical Gwyneth types arguably adds a bit of controversy here. 

Johanna is the 'pretty' sister, and she gets to glide through snowflakes; Klara does not have the same conventionally attractive looks, and she gets drenched. Would it work just as well if it was the other way around? Perhaps it's an idea that you could only do if you know your subjects very well, as Mats Udd does.


DirectorMats Udd
ProducerPetra Krigström
Production CompanySlutet är Nära
Executive ProducerAlexandros Bakos
Production ManagerCyndie Léa Vintilescu
Director of PhotographyViktor Skogqvist
Focus PullerJesper Wahlqvist
GafferPeter Övgård
HairSandra Svensson
Make-upMikaela Hållén
EditorMikael Hallmans
ColouristMartin Steinberg
VFXPatrik Janson
CommissionerSaul Levitz
LabelColumbia Records / Sony Music
Other creditsCoordinating Manager Cecilia Lundström Hägglund SAD Therese Adela Petterson Runner Kristin Möller PA Alina Grön PA Isabelle Santiago PA Alice Lindén Steadi Cam Operator Nèstor Salzar Best Boy Oskar Lundh Technical Assistant Hugo Nilsson Stylist Mikaela Hållén SFX Robin Blick & Mats Sonnesjö, Panorama. Title Design Emy Storey Video Commissioner Saul Levitz Band Sverrir Gudnason Simon Gozzi Sebastian Ring Katja Ring Helena Ljungman Thanks To Falsett Produktion Dagsljus Light In A Room Bowl-o-rama Årsta Klippotek Kina-Li Årsta Folketshus BFR Åkeslund Nr1 Anna Bask Matilda Sundell

David Knight - 13th Oct 2017

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