David Knight - 1st Feb 2018

Michael Sherrington celebrates humanity in a simple and pure set-up for Belle & Sebastian.

Sherrington's video for I'll Be Your Pilot (from the Scottish band's new album How To Solve Our Human Problems, Pt 2) situates his cast in a photographic studio and invites his subjects to enjoy some peaceful contemplation. And Davd Lidell's luminous cinematography contributes greatly to the viewer's experience.  


"I have always had a fascination with how we see the world, how through the prism of our own emotions and experiences we build stories around us, that may not correspond necessarily to reality.

"When Stuart approached me wanting to pay homage to Warhol’s Screen Tests for the band's next promo it seemed like the perfect project to play with creating something simplistic in context but that still felt as poignant and engaging as the track.

"An intimate and empathetic study of a variety of different characters, it was about trying to convey the range and complexities of human emotions and their inner space while leaving them ambiguous enough that the viewer can project there own interpretation onto them."

PRO Credits


DirectorMichael Sherrington
ProducerBeth Allan
Production CompanyForest Of Black
Director of PhotographyDavid Liddell
Focus PullerSefa Ucbas
2nd ACNico Biarese
WardrobeDenise Coombes
Make-upDebbie Black
EditorErika Iesse
ColouristOscar Sansom
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
LabelMatador Records
Other creditsRunner / Drivers: Marie Lidén & Alice Brookes Camera & Lighting Assist: Tom Collier, Natali Mccleary, Josh Kilimanjaro, Paighton Menmuir, Bejoy Sanjeen, Seylan Baxter, Eugene Kelly, Freya & Rory

David Knight - 1st Feb 2018

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