Promonews - 8th June 2018

Dear Mr Quistgaard’s new music video for XL boss Richard Russell's project Everything Is Recorded features vocalist Obongjayar being well and truly duffed up by female members of the British Olympic Judo team - but he still manages to continue to lipsync the track.

It's part of a broader Japanese theme in Dear Mr Quistgaard's video for She Said - that was shot by DoP Tom Townend, making a fairly rare return to music videos. Russell and fellow featured artist Kamasi Washington also cameo in the video, but the star of show is definitely Obongjayar (aka Steven Omoh) and the judo women. 

"Obongjayar is just such a positive force," Russell has said. "At the point we recorded the song he had no studio experience but he had great energy and instincts, the song was written and recorded spontaneously, then and there. Making the video was a blast, Steven (Obongjayar) got beaten up by some badass female martial artists, and I got to use my bonsai skills.”


"I knew we wanted Obongjayar to take a beating, and he’s a big guy, so that was going to take some skill. Luckily we managed to link up with Nekoda Davis, Commonwealth Judo Gold medalist, of the British Olympic Judo team - and she came on board with her sparring partners. 

"And the next thing, we’re there shooting - watching Obongjayar get launched across room repeatedly - and pretty impressively managing to get up each time as if it were the first."

Watch 'Everything Is Recorded 'She Said' by Dear Mr Quistgaard' here

PRO Credits


DirectorTom Hardiman (fka Dear Mr Quistgaard)
ProducerLee Groombridge
Production CompanySomesuch
Production ManagerMaddy Perkins
Director of PhotographyTom Townend
EditorFouad Gaber
Editing companyTrim Editing
Production designerShaun Fenn
GafferAndy Duncan
GafferDarrel McGuian
Costume designerVerity May Lane
Hair & Make-upJess Summer
LabelXL Recordings
Other creditsSpecial thanks: Mrs Fu & Tian Fu for letting us use their brilliant location

Promonews - 8th June 2018

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