David Knight - 12th Nov 2018

Harvey Pearson - just signed to My Accomplice - has directed an affecting one-shot video for singer-songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich, dramatising his song Gratitude.

Pearson's film tackles the subject of mental health, and its potentially grim consequences. Through the use of the single take dropping the viewer into a crucial moments of a young man's experience, it treats the subject in an unsensationalised way. Which makes it's final moments all the more powerful.  


“A couple of months ago, Ben sent me Gratitude, a beautiful and honest track which I instantly connected with. Hearing this track and the story it tells led to a discussion between us about everyone’s personal struggles with inner demons and how they affect everyone individually. This is a film about letting go, a turning point, making peace with your past and moving forward.

"By shooting this in one-take allowed us to experience everything as the character does. The way in which we are dropped into a situation, with little context, allows viewers to read their own interpretation of the film. Though for me, the two key moments of the video involve the burning of all his possessions and the slow submersion in the lake. In my mind, his clothes and his possessions, such as his watch represent his past time and regrets, burning them and watching them disintegrate. The lake then acts as a symbolic cleanse, washing everything away and starting again."

PRO Credits


DirectorHarvey Pearson
ProducerDaisy Costello
Production CompanyMy Accomplice
Executive ProducerImogen Harrison
Director of PhotographyHunter Daly
Focus PullerSefa Ucbas
2nd ACConnor Wilson
Hair & Make-upAlex Kellet
EditorHarvey Pearson
ColouristRuth Wardell
Colour grade companyElectric Theatre Collective
Lead actorConnor Newall
CommissionerJon Moore
LabelDirty Hit
SteadicamJake Whitehouse
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Chloe SFX: Perry Costello Water Safety: Eddie McGowan Nurse: Gerry Edwardson Colour Producer: Oliver Whitworth @ ETC

David Knight - 12th Nov 2018

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