David Knight - 12th Nov 2018

Finn Keenan takes the traditional comedy dance video and twists it into a surprisingly dark place with his video for MK.

It all starts innocently enough, with a family guy making a sandwich in a revved-up quick edit style, like a normal high-energy music vid - until we realise that this quick-cut, looping, 'being in a music video' behaviour is actually a condition he has, in an otherwise normal world. And that's a terrible strain for his poor wife, desperate to find a cure for his most-upsetting ailment...


"I wanted to make a video people could really relate to. We’ve all come home to find our partners in the kitchen stuck in a dancing loop, or had to pick them up from the office because they’ve started floating. So I suppose at its core this is a video about relationships and the struggles we go through maintaining healthy ones. That, and sandwiches."

Watch 'MK 'Back And Forth' by Finn Keenan ' here

PRO Credits


DirectorFinn Keenan
ProducerKate Brady
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerNatalie Arnett
1st ADJeff Doyle
Director of PhotographyEoin McLoughlin
GafferKevin Fox
Make-upSophie Knox
EditorFinn Keenan
ColouristPhil Hambi
Post production companyMPC London
Post ProducerGrace Thorpe
CommissionerDan Millar
Other creditsService Producer - John McKeown Focus Puller - Greg McGuiness Set Design- Noelle Slacke

David Knight - 12th Nov 2018

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