Promonews - 13th Nov 2018

Fiona Jane Burgess documents moments of peace and quiet in her video for Leeds band Peakes' Still Life.

It's a beautifully composed piece, shot by Joel Honeywell, with a variety of women enjoying a personal moment of quiet reflection, including an appearance and subtle performance by Peakes' singer Molly Puckering.


"Shortly after giving birth I suffered PTSD. I was traumatised by the experience of giving birth, I hadn't slept for 5 days and suddenly had two children who needed me to look after them. I was responsible for them but I could barely look after myself. The days and weeks that followed are still a blur, but I will never ever forget the moments of calm amidst the chaos. The time I spent in the bath tub, my skin feeling nourished and soft. The moments where I just cried, feeling like I'd lost my sense of self. And then the moments of sheer happiness, waking up from a long, deep sleep and feeling renewed.

"These experiences lead me to make this film for Peakes beautiful new song Still Life. I wanted to show other women's experiences of isolation. Whether breastfeeding their child, taking a bath or missing someone they’ve lost, this film is an intimate portrayal of women who each have their own story to tell. This film captures the moments nobody else ever sees. When we can feel our most isolated but equally our most confident."

PRO Credits


DirectorFiona Jane Burgess
ProducerEster Viana
Production CompanyLEZ Creative
Executive ProducerMary Calderwood
Director of PhotographyJoel Honeywell
Focus PullerHerman Rahman
Movement DirectorDarcy Wallace
Set designSean Thomson
Hair & Make-upGeorgia Hope
EditorJo Lewandowska
Editing companyCut+Run
ColouristToby Tomkins
Grading companyCHEAT
Other creditsStarring: Leah Abraham, Sylvianne Degunst, Zoe Chan-Eayrs Special thanks: Leah Marojevic, Erika Karinas, Picture Canning and CHEAT

Promonews - 13th Nov 2018

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