David Knight - 17th Dec 2018

Filip Nilsson's brilliant video for Justice is a celebration of the pride of Norfolk, Virginia - the Norfolk State University's Spartan Legion marching band. That's a team of 220 musicians and dancers who have clearly revolutionised the university marching band tradition.

Starting with moody portraits of key figures in the band - before and after they don the uniform and gladitorial-style caps –Nilsson and cinematographer Steve Annis bestow them with a heroic stature. And that's even before their signature stomping performance blows us away. 

Firstly comes the street march, and then the piece de resistance: a performance by the whole band under lights on the NSU football field. And they really are playing Heavy Metal, from the Grammy-nominated album Woman Worldwide. Absolutely marvellous.


"I came across a clip of this marching band from Norfolk in Virginia over a year ago. I immediately knew that these guys had something special and that wanted to make a music video with them one day. Months passed and then suddenly the 'Heavy Metal' track by Justice came my way. We contacted the the marching band leader, William Beathea, and it felt like we all knew at that point that we had to make this work. I wanted his marching band of 220 people to play the track as well as create a customised choreography. It was a very strong and emotional experience working with these musicians and dancers."

PRO Credits


DirectorFilip Nilsson
ProducerAmy Vadnais
Production CompanyObject & Animal
Executive ProducerDom Thomas
Executive ProducerMorgan Clement
Executive ProducerJustin Benoliel
Executive ProducerJames Cunningham
1st ADJesse Brooks
Director of PhotographySteve Annis
Focus PullerAustin Burnette
2nd ACBrittany Smith
EditorAndreas Arvidsson
ColouristTom Poole
Grading companyCompany 3
Post production companyBlacksmith
Post ProducerTina Chen
VFXYebin Ahn, Robert Bruce
Lead actorNorfolk State University Spartan Legion
Director's RepresentationObject & Animal
Other creditsSound: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph, London NSU Spartan Legion director: William Beathea NSU Spartan Legion Associate Director: Stephanie Sanders Instructional Staff: Sebren Reed, Arranger: Shawn Hall, Percussion Dance Instructor: Eboni Young Flag Instructor: Chanel Woods Asst. Flag Instructor : Cynthia Buffington-Boone Spartan Guard Instructor: Randy Caffee Asst. Spartan Guard Instructor: Tavaris Edwards Drill Maneuvers & Field Presentation: Timothy Hargrove Dance Routine & Field Presentation: William Bynum Drum Major Instructor: Calver Gilbert Media: Kevin Harris, Coordinaor & Editor; Jahkeem Grant, Pictures: Chris Payne, Chris Spellman Video Logistics & Equipment: Frederick Smith, Timothy Hargrove, Will James Alumni Relations & Student Safety: George James, Woodrow Tab, Wendell Green Uniform Management: Vedette Spellman Announcer: Eric Johnson

David Knight - 17th Dec 2018

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