Promonews - 21st Jan 2019

Aella Jordan-Edge makes the camera an active character in her video for Irish indie trio whenyoung.

Inspired by a Tim Pope-directed classic for The Cure, it's a performance which has whenyoung's Aoife, Niall and Andrew at close quarters with the lens in three colour-coded set-ups - even when it means having to climb a ladder to get up close and personal.   


"The three different rooms White, Red and Blue represent different states of mind: they each have their own colour palette and their own feeling. After discussions with Aoife, Niall and Andrew I got to understand more about why they wrote ‘Never Let Go’ and what it represented for them. It was clear we needed a performance concept where a strong sense of emotion was the driving force. I’m really thankful they took the plunge with me to try new things like throwing the camera around the room!

"I was determined to achieve all the effects in-camera and I’m pleased to say we met this goal, mainly through hanging the camera from the lighting grid on a rope and using a bespoke weighted pulley system to control it as best we could. This meant the camera could move independently giving the impression it had a mind of it’s own. Of course the success of this effect is a huge credit to the the crew who were so willing to get stuck in and try my crazy ideas for how the camera could move in new ways. 

"I was initially inspired by a shot from The Cure ‘In Between Days’ video where the camera swings back wildly, revealing an almost birds eye view of the band’s performance before swinging back towards them. From there I developed different ways we could move towards, with or around the band as they try to physically get closer or interact with the camera.

"So sometimes the camera feels like a fourth person who the band can’t connect with. Sometimes it seems to reflect the band members goals or ambitions as they strive towards it. Other times the camera could be interpreted as their own demons as they battle with their fears and anxieties. This allows the camera to take on a chameleonic intangible quality as it creates new perspectives for us and expands our perception of the band members.  

"I love the sense of theatre this creates. We built a drama by dropping the viewer right in there with them and breaking down the fourth wall. This feels at times exposing but ultimately this video for Never Let Go shows how strong WhenYoung are together against a rippling tide of chaos unleashed into their space.”

PRO Credits


DirectorAella Jordan-Edge
ProducerEleri Evans
Production CompanyTonic/The Graft
Executive ProducerBeth Montague
1st ADJack Meredith
Director of PhotographyJack Wilkinson
Production designerKat Hawker
Make-upMartina Lattanzi
HairCecilie Hildebrandt
StylistRuth Higginbotham
Movement DirectorJamie Neale
Editing companyCut+Run
Colour grade companyThe Mill
EditorMeg Thorne

Promonews - 21st Jan 2019

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