David Knight - 11th Feb 2019

Eoin Glaister brings us into the wonderful world of Elvis tribute acts - in fact, he brings us to the largest Elvis tribute convention in Europe - in his hugely entertaining video for C Duncan.

Luke McQueen plays the unlikely Elvis impersonator who feels massively intimidated when he arrives at the convention where all manner of impressive Elvis tribute acts have congregated. With his hapless attempts to hone his act before his big moment on stage, disaster looms - before divine intervention takes a hand... 

Glaister seamlessly merges his frontman into the action of the real event, just as the showbiz pizzazz of Elvises of all ages and sizes juxtaposes beautifully with their conference hall surroundings - and final outing on a golf driving range. Great stuff.


We had to move quickly but, as the King once said, 'Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.'

"Europe’s Largest Annual Elvis Tribute Artist Convention had been in my diary for a few years but I hadn’t managed to find a decent enough excuse to spend the first weekend of January in the Hilton Metropole Birmingham. I was already in discussions with C Duncan’s team about making a video for Talk Talk Talk when John Moule sent over Impossible. When I realised that C Duncan and Elvis had a track title in common* and that the event was taking place in our shooting window, things started getting exciting.

"We had to move quickly but, as the King once said, 'Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.' So we kidnapped cinematographer extraordinaire Nic Booth, bundled him in the car with professional funnyman Luke McQueen and headed for sunny Brum.

"Given it was a live competition and the pinnacle of lot of the Elvis’ Tribute Calendars, we had to adopt a particularly flexible shooting schedule and then sort of run around and rope whichever Elvis happened to be near us at any given point into performing in that scene. Looking back, it was a really fun way to work. A tiny, dedicated and patient team and a background cast of 50 or so Elvis’.

"Fortunately, the ETAs were super. In fact I can safely say I met some of the nicest Elvis’ I am ever likely to meet. I would highly recommend a visit. My money is on Steve Knight for gold next year. Also, top tip if you are looking to make friends at an Elvis Convention do take a pink Cadillac with you. Do not bother with peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Surprisingly unpopular. Didn’t go down well at all." 

*I would later come to learn that Elvis recorded over 800 songs and this was less of an exciting coincidence than first anticipated.


"As a fan of Elvis, and especially his ballads such as It's Impossible, I was really excited by the idea of this video. Its tongue-in-cheek nature and upbeat vibe really fits the music - and who wouldn't want golfing Elvises in their video? It has loads of energy, full of colour and vibrancy, and it really is impossible not to get sucked into the weird and wonderful world of Elvis impersonators.”

Watch 'C Duncan 'Impossible' by Eoin Glaister' here

PRO Credits


DirectorEoin Glaister
ProducerMartha McGuirk
Production CompanyStink Films
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
Director of PhotographyNicolas Booth
WardrobeB&K Costumes
EditorOwen O'Sullivan
Editing companyMarshall St Editors
ColouristMarty McCullen
Grading companySilk
Lead actorLuke Mcqueen
Director's RepresentationHands London
CommissionerJohn Moule
Other creditsSound Design : Aaron Taffel Production Assistant : Alasdair Copland

David Knight - 11th Feb 2019

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