Lassamie Prasimay - 8th Apr 2019

Matilda Finn brings her signature surrealism to bear on Rosie Lowe's supercool slow funk jam Pharoah.

A variation on the William Tell fable sees a girl with an apple on her head being the target of a blind archer. What happens next, under bright blue summer skies, are a series of strange supernatural events with the allegorical weight of a grown-up fairy tale.

Eventually this girl joins a bevy of maidens with similarly bloodstained white dresses, and red feet. And half-eaten apples...

PRO Credits


DirectorMatilda Finn
ProducerMartha McGuirk
ProducerDasha Deriagina
1st ADVadim Yuzba
Director of PhotographyHarry Wheeler
GafferMax Ruban
Art DirectorDaniel Dubrovsky
WardrobeYana Golub
Make-upDasha Taivas
EditorMatilda Finn
ColouristJames Bamford
Post ProducerLaura Pereda
Other credits2nd AD: Aleksey Savelov PM: Denis Kumeiko 1st Assistant Producer: Alexander Timkov Focus Puller: Evgeniy Bubley Video Assist: Max Sukhov Location Manager: Viktor Shava Casting Director: Tanya Glushko Casting Manager: Ksenia Shengera Steadycam: Anton Lukashenko Slate: Lena 2D Team: Olivia O’Neil Tom Luff Holly McLean John Thornton Joseph Tang Rakesh Venugopalan Badrinath Chinimilli Siam Shukoor Production: Laura Pereda Goutham H CAST: Lead Girl - Marushak Marina Lead Bandit - Kokin Alexandr Bandit 1 - Stepanov Artem Bandit 2 - Konor Timoti Bandit 3 - Nalivayko Dima Bandit 4 - Klimchuk Anton Old Woman - Antifyeva Tina Boy Kid - Coy Ruslan Girl Kid - Coy Alexandra

Lassamie Prasimay - 8th Apr 2019

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