Promo News - 10th June 2019

Ian Sims - aka Run Child Run - takes on New York City, clad in all-white, in a series of slow-moving portraits, created by David Terranova.

The video was filmed over the course of ten days in NYC - and shot entirely at 500 fps - culminating with Sims finally escaping the City, embracing the oncoming surf...


"Around five years ago I stumbled on a track called Can't Catch Me on Youtube. Its hypnotic harmonies, chant-like lyrics, androgynous vocals, the minimal yet organic beats, sounding like monk music from the future. All this struck a chord with me. I spent a few days researching the user, finding absolutely nothing else online about him.

"By that time I had already produced works for Depeche Mode (with Timothy Saccenti), Nicolas Jaar, Nina Kraviz, The Presets, Richie Hawtin. But I was searching for a more meaningful connection, and this track really stood out and pushed me to reach out to him even if I had no idea where in the world he might be.

"He wrote back to me in the middle of his three month trip in India: it turned out to be a guy called Ian Sims that lived a couple miles from me in Brooklyn! He had just come off a European tour with Nicolas Jaar (as the drummer) who I had also recently worked with. Soon after returning from his trip, he came over to my place. I was facing a tall skinny white dude with a shaved head and a huge smile at my doorstep, not what I was picturing at all from the vocals I'd heard. We chatted a bunch and he played me the rest of his album he was working on and I soon realized I was in the presence of a truly outstanding artist. (I've worked with quite a few well-established artists over the last 10 years and can confidently say he blows everything else out the water)

"Since then I've had the honour of collaborating with Ian in many capacities (I also made the album art for his debut album Vanishing Point) and we've become great friends. But this video for Can't Catch Me has been in the making since that day five years ago and for me it symbolizes how powerful the connection of music is, and how serendipitous our journey together has been.

"This video marks the end of our Vanishing Point chapter, and we open a new one for his second album, Peace Process, for which we are taking things to another level by creating a much bigger body of work. His story really deserves to be told and I'm lucky to be the one telling it."


DirectorDavid Terranova
ProducerDavid Terranova
Production CompanyFalkohaus
WardrobeJames Lamar
Make-upElle Pierre

Promo News - 10th June 2019

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