Ned Botwood - 24th June 2019

They’ve vanquished the evil alien… now what? Eoin Glaister dares to dream of life after victory, in this depressive space epic for Joji.

Starships can be a cold and boring place. Now there’s nobody left to save humanity from, Captain Joji has nothing left to do but mope around, play ping-pong with his crew, and reminisce about the glory days. Fortunately for this action-starved crew, Joji’s deputy is starting to have evil delusions of his own.

Glaister’s fantastic video is a pitch-perfect subversion of TV sci-fi tropes. It’s all there: the camp costumes, the dodgy prosthetics, the body paint, the streaky lazers, and the very obviously earthbound location. Isaac Bauman’s photography captures the spirit of the media it's riffing on - not just Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey, but lower budget cult classics like Silent Running.

PRO Credits


DirectorEoin Glaister
ProducerEnzo Marc
Production CompanyStink Films
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
Production ManagerEmma Buerklin
1st ADIan Thomas
Director of PhotographyIsaac Bauman
Focus PullerDanilo Rodriguez
2nd ACAjiri Akpolo
EditorOwen O'Sullivan
Editing companyMarshall Street Editors
Post production companyYoungster
Post ProducerIan Harland
Director's RepresentationHands London
CommissionerOllie Zhang
Label88 Rising

Ned Botwood - 24th June 2019

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