David Knight - 2nd July 2019

This superb film for Scottish Ballet, with music by Callum Easter, uses movement and film editing to explore the fluidity of gender roles.

And by framing Myles Thatcher's choreography among the monolithic concrete pillars underpinning Glasgow's motorway flyovers, director Eve McConnachie thrillingly presents contemporary dance within an everyday urban landscape.


"Frontiers is a film of contrasts; day and night, sunlight and shadow, human and material. It examines the contrasts between bodies and genders, as the fluidity of the human form is placed against cold, stark concrete.

"Frontiers is a journey through the brutalist underbelly of Glasgow's motorways. As vast and monolithic as this type of architecture is, we also see grime and grit. It feels church-like, yet forgotten. In this urban space I wanted to introduce a story about the human body, placing Myles Thatcher's gender-neutral choreography in a setting that allows traditional norms to be stripped back.

"As a woman, I believe that gender shouldn’t be the defining factor of who we are or what we achieve. I explore these themes of identity, diversity, and fluidity through the edit, continuously chopping and changing between six different dancers – forcing the viewer to examine the emotions and reactions brought on by each couple."

PRO Credits


DirectorEve Mcconnachie
ProducerTony Currie
ProducerBeth Allan
Production CompanyForest Of Black
Production CoordinatorNicki Reilly
Director of PhotographyDavid Liddell
Focus PullerPaul Forest
2nd ACFergus Cruickshank
SteadicamMartin Newstead
GafferSean Mcdonald
WardrobeI'll Be Your Mirror
Hair & Make-upDebbie Black
EditorEve Mcconnachie
LabelLost Map Records
Other creditsCEO/Artistic Director Scottish Ballet: Christopher Hampson Rehearsal Assistant: Tamarin Stott Production Assistant: Eilidh Murdoch Production Runner: Marie Liden Lighting Technician: Zenon Sept Photographer: Mihaela Bodlovic Dancers: Jerome Anthony Barnes, Rishan Benjamin, Brund Micchiardi, Claire Souet, Anna Williams, Aaron Venegas

David Knight - 2nd July 2019

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