Rob Ulitski - 10th Sept 2019

Shakespears Sister have released their second video from their comeback EP, directed by long time collaborator Sophie Muller - and it's another throwback to the style of video they made back in the day. And this time guest artist Richard Hawley gets in on the act.

The film noir style pastiche cleverly weaves the three singers into characters in a psychiatrist's office, with Siobhan taking the psychiatrist role, Marcella as the patient and Richard appearing as a moving photo in a frame on the desk.

It's quirky, and Muller's iconic style is evident from the very first shot- a slow zoom in as Siobhan spins in her chair to face the camera, beautifully lit with a soft haze. This one shot represents Shakespears Sister's comeback, and the willingness of both artists to finally put their differences aside and focus on what brought them together in the first place - the music. 

A flurry of UFOs outside of the window nods towards more surreal elements, but the performances are very much centre stage in When She Finds You. Comfortable and confident, both artists are back in their element and celebrating their unexpected reunion, creating a video that feels both timeless and incredibly timely.  In the final few seconds, Siobhan reads a message with a magnifying glass, that reads 'You mean we could have been friends all of this time?". It's incredibly poignant, and as she looks up to Marcella with a shocked demeanour, Marcella smiles warmly back towards her, ready to move on and make more magic.  

PRO Credits


DirectorSophie Muller
ProducerGrant Jue
LabelLondon Records

Rob Ulitski - 10th Sept 2019

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