Rob Ulitski - 11th Sept 2019

Focusing on a mix of Americana and surreal Roschach imagery, the video for Death To The Uptight, directed by Dusan Sekulovic, is a black and white adventure featuring a cast of quirky characters.

A scattering of old-school visual effects give the video a nostalgic vibe, and the simple yet effective concept keeps us entertained until the very last frame.


"The song started as an Americana thing, about a corrupt and broken country with people living like hamsters in a wheel. It developed into a sort of Rorschach Western music video filled with ink blots.

Inspired by Hitchcock's Notorious, I used the vibe that old-school back projection creates, to play off of a parallel theme in the song: the multiple identities that we all embody, the person we think we are, the one we dream to be, and the one that others project on us. Fictional realities created by our minds that ultimately end up in the same place, flying off of a cliff."


DirectorDusan Sekulovic
ProducerDusan Sekulovic
ProducerMichael Sackler-Berner
Director of PhotographyDusan Sekulovic
GafferDino Petaccio
WardrobeDusan Sekulovic
EditorDusan Sekulovic
Lead actorMichael Sackler-Berner
LabelSony Music

Rob Ulitski - 11th Sept 2019

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