Ned Botwood - 27th Sept 2019

Kimberly Stuckwisch directs this breakneck video for Samm Henshaw, a criminal romance with a genre-bending twist.

Two loved-up outlaws hit the road with a hostage, Samm Henshaw, in tow. Without sparing a thought for the performer bundled in the boot of their car, they conduct their spirited romance in hideouts along the open road. You know this story, but you’ve never seen it like this. 

Producer-turned-director Kimberly Stuckwisch plays a neat trick throughout the video. She gives you a scenario you understand, then pulls the rug out from under it. You think you’re watching a breezy roadside romance. Then, suddenly, you’re in the dark comedic mode of Tarantino. Just when you’ve accepted this new scenario, the fabric of this world begins to tear apart again and again.

This puzzling Chinese box structure is even more impressive when you consider that these seemingly disparate scenarios all connect back to the conceit of Henshaw’s song "Set our eyes west / chase the sunset … You're the whole world and the world is mine.”

The World is Mine picked up a Gold at Kinsale, and it’s easy to see why. Henshaw is a reliably magnetic performer. We last saw him skating down the road on a hovering cloud, and it’s reassuring to know he can give an equally compelling performance handcuffed to a pipe in a cupboard. Drew Bienemann’s camera swoops and hovers loosely around the performers, and compounded by Nour Oubeid’s lightning speed edit, this gives the video the dangerous energy of a whirlwind romance. Finally, the VFX, by Vitaly Verlov, are a triumph.


DirectorKimberly Stuckwisch
ProducerIan Blair
Executive ProducerMelora Donoghue
Executive ProducerJesse McClung
Director of PhotographyDrew Bienemann
Production designerTyler Jensen
Art DirectorMichael Coursey
Costume designerChristina Flannery
EditorNour Oubeid
Post SupervisorNaheem Adio
VFXVitaly Verlov
ColouristKaityln Battistelli
ChoreographerMonika Felice Smith
Production SupervisorValeria Bush
Director's AssistantStephen Tyler
CommissionerKat Catteneo
Director's Rep (US)Reprobates
Lead actorJ.J. Lua
Lead actorMaddy Goyal

Ned Botwood - 27th Sept 2019

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