Rob Ulitski - 14th Oct 2019

Richie Jenkins executes an intriguing visual for his brother Olly's Like Rain.

This is the first collaboration by the two Jenkins brothers since 2016’s dark and brooding Sciamachy. And here, a couple arrive with each other in a futureworld where authentic reality has been replaced by something more elusive and abstract. This is the digital domain, where settings may change in an instant, but physical connection is now rare. The piece conveys the couple's journey, both physical and transcendental, to come together - if only for a brief moment in time. 

This is a labour of love that was clearly a challenge due to the fantastical nature of the creative, and the DoP Laurent Chesneau does a good job integrating the lovers into the VFX-heavy world. This helps to embed the themes of humanity that run throughout the visual. 


DirectorRichie Jenkins
ProducerRichie Jenkins
Production CompanyCatch Studio
Director of PhotographyLaurent Chesneau
Make-upElodie Pawlik
EditorRichie Jenkins
EditorLaurent Chesneau
VFXLaurent Chesneau
Other creditsCast: Coline Bertotto, Servan Coulon, Fabrice Plaquevent, Guillaume Rohan

Rob Ulitski - 14th Oct 2019

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