Rob Ulitski - 18th Oct 2019

When a video opens with slices of pizza flying into the artists' tracksuited doppelgängers across the road, you know you're in for a good time. Partners Alyssa and Doug Graham then tear up the town, snatching inflatable guitars from kids, pushing over hipsters mid-yoga - hipster tipping, yay - and just being a whirlwind of annoying chaos everywhere they go.

It's a fun ride. 


"When we talked ideas I had this vision of flying pizza slices. The actual track was inspired by a disturbing encounter the Grahams had in the Mojave, and this was their Rock and Roll revenge song. So I flipped things around and opened with Doug and Alyssa’s doppelgängers hurling pizzas at themselves.

"I did not want the video to be smooth — lately I’ve developed stabilized-slow-motion-music-video fatigue — so I decided to shoot handheld from a wheelchair rolling backwards. We shot this in one day, over four stretches of pavement."


DirectorDusan Sekulovic
ProducerDusan Sekulovic
LabelThree Sirens Music Group

Rob Ulitski - 18th Oct 2019

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