Rob Ulitski - 4th Nov 2019

Irish rock band Pillow Queens explore friendship and shared grief in Kate Dolan's video for Brothers. 

The video depicts two homeless friends finding a device that freezes time, but rather than showing the hijinx that they get up to with it, Kate Dolan questions what being able to freeze time might be like for them. Perhaps, allowing them to return to homes they may have been cast out of? Or reconnecting with people that they miss? In a world where you could freeze time, the expectations of being tough all the time for everyone around you disappears.

Beautifully shot, the performances are top-notch across the board - particularly the leads, Desmond Eastwood and Ryan Lincoln - in a very well executed, emotionally-charged visual. 


"The team all worked really hard to achieve the 'frozen world', with John, our editor, doing all the effects in After Effects. Evan Barry (DP), Karen Twomey (producer) and I did a lot of tests to see how best to shoot those frozen moments.

"Then it was all really tied together by the amazing performances of the two guys Ryan Lincoln (Kissing Candice, Michael Inside, Cardboard Gangsters) and Desmond Eastwood (Blood, Normal People). They both did an amazing job and really brought the heart into it." 


"The video touches on a shared grief which drives you to hold dear the memories and moments you have with each other. While this song can be considered one about mourning, it's ultimately about the intense love you have for your chosen family."


DirectorKate Dolan
ProducerKaren Twomey
1st ADEoin Canny
Director of PhotographyEvan Barry
Focus PullerLuke Murphy Gilligan
2nd ACLaurent Murray
EditorJohn Cutler
ColouristEvan Barry
VFXJohn Cutler
Lead actorRyan Lincoln
Lead actorDesmond Eastwood
Other creditsCast: Gemma Keenan, Paul Murphy, Chloe Grehan

Rob Ulitski - 4th Nov 2019

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