Rob Ulitski - 10th Jan 2020

Elsa Birgitta Bekman self-directs the classical art-inspired video for All 'Bout Love. 

The visual starts with Bekman enveloped in a large piece of material, her limbs flailing and face suffocated against the cloth. Step by step, different materials such as clay and flour build up layers on her body, until her final metamorphosis into a statue. Surreal and haunting, the transformation represents the hardening of the artist's heart and emotions following unrequited love, and her inability to ever feel as deeply again. 


"For the music video, the Venus de Milo has been a big inspiration. Classical Art has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. My parents used to take me for lots of travels and museum visits, one of which to Pompeii. The Pompeii bodies had a big impact on me. As a kid I even wanted to become an archeologist.

"In the video I gradually transform into a statue. It's an intense metamorphosis, for which we've used quite a lot of flour and clay. Love can be pretty, love can be cruel. I wanted this tension to show throughout the entire video. On the one hand my transformation might be aesthetically pleasing, on the other it seems suffocating. In the end the unrequited love petrifies me completely. The waiting, a statue's eternity, the hardened heart... those are the themes that are at play in this video."


DirectorElsa Birgitta Bekman
ProducerElsa Birgitta Bekman
Executive ProducerHarmen Commandeur
EditorHarmen Commandeur
LabelV2 Records Benelux

Rob Ulitski - 10th Jan 2020

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