Promonews - 16th Jan 2020

Andrey Trevgoda explores St Petersburg-based rapper Smoky Mo's reflections on worldly desire, fame and its effect on the human soul in his impactful video for White Blues. through a series of symbolic setpieces.

Shot on high contrasty reversal black and white film, Trevgoda has created a series of symbolic setpieces to visualise Mo's musings on mental slavery in the modern world - and what it takes to be an entertainer in a sold out entertainment world. 

It's a fastmoving, gritty dreamscape that's both cinematic and theatrical, an intriguing visual feast. With an English translation of the lyrics supplied in subtitles on screen too, you need a couple of views at least to take it all in.

PRO Credits


ProducerArina Kitova
ProducerDanil Klimenko
Production CompanyOmnia Media
Executive ProducerArina Kitova

Promonews - 16th Jan 2020

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