Rob Ulitski - 21st Jan 2020

Reuben Armstrong explores deep space in slow motion in the video for Staircase. 

Featuring Norwegian model Bodil Bjervik Blain, the concept focuses on a woman who wakes up to find herself in space, grappling with zero-gravity. Thrown into the situation headfirst, all she can do is watch the scene unfold and block her body from any of the objects hurtling past her. 

The cinematography is precise and effective, capturing a sense of calm and panic simultaneously, through clever lighting and camera movement. Blain's intense performance bolsters the concept, her facial expressions painting a picture of her brain's reaction to the surreal situation. 


"We shot the video in slow motion in one continuous 14-second take for the full 5-minute track (which is from the album Locked Room Mysteries, which has just been released on vinyl and digitally).

"Inspired by the lyrics of the song, we fired Norwegian model Bodil Bjervik Blain into “deep space”, in a precisely-choreographed anti-gravity sequence, with numerous floating objects and multiple tight lighting cues.

"The piece was shot at 500 frames-per-second on the Phantom Flex 4k camera system, whilst the set was designed and built based on full-scale replica electronics modules from the International Space Station."


DirectorReuben Armstrong
ProducerReuben Armstrong
Production CompanyReuben and Jamie
Director of PhotographyMatt Norman
Lead actorBodil Bjervik Blain

Rob Ulitski - 21st Jan 2020

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