Rob Ulitski - 17th Feb 2020

Paranoia takes hold in Douglas Bernardt's thrilling vision for Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes. 

Traversing an subway station in Kiev, the lead character - played by Demian Piatakov - snaps his neck back and forth, trying to catch a glimpse of the eyes trained on him. Everyday people morph into threatening figures as they glare and gossip, and all Piatakov can do is keep walking.

Moments later, Piatakov is running through a vast forest, representing his confused emotions and the labyrinth that is his mind. Inside this world, he has a chance to pause and consider his surroundings, a juxtaposition to the dark city and its cacophony of noise and violence. 

DoP Adolpho Veloso contrasts the two locations through considered lighting and composition: the forest shots utilise slow zooms and breathtaking natural lighting, whilst the train has pulsing artificial light and lots of close-ups. A judicious use of VFX add a huge amount of production value to the project, and help create the haunting and ethereal world inside the character's mind. 

PRO Credits


DirectorDouglas Bernardt
ProducerMartha McGuirk
Service CompanyRadioaktive Film
Service ProducerValentyn Petyshkin
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
Director of PhotographyAdolpho Veloso
EditorLucas Moesch
Editing companyFinal Cut Nyc
ColouristTim Stipan
Grading companyCompany 3
Post ProducerFlavia Gannam
VFXNash Tv
Director's RepresentationHands London
Other creditsExecutive Producer: Kate Galytska Focus Puller: Vlad Dobrik Production Designer: Max Halushka Gaffer: Leonid Sidorenko Location Manger: Dima Shevchenko Casting Manager: Sergey Ristenko Wardrobe Stylist: Sergey Melnichenko ( Wardrobe Stylist: Sergey Volniy ( Make Up: Dasha Taivas Chaperone: Alex Vashkolup Chaperon: Andrew Birch

Rob Ulitski - 17th Feb 2020

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