David Knight - 18th Feb 2020

So how do you follow one of the funniest, and nuttiest, music videos of the past few years? By making something even more bonkers.

In Horse, the multi-award winning video that Vedran Rupic directed for Salvatore Ganacci last year, the Italian techno DJ plays a superheroic and highly vengeful saviour of endangered creatures. And it's a work of comedy genius. In new track Boycycle... well, Rupic did not turn a gift horse in the mouth. He transforms Ganacci into a boycycle - half-man, half-motorbike, like a centaur with cylinders.

Boycycle is discovered in a rubbish heap by a kindly old man, cleaned up, and nursed back to health. But trouble - emotion and physical - lies ahead for the young lad-cum-bike.

With the groove of Boycycle determined by the guest vocal by legendary loverman Sebastien Tellier, Ganacci and Rupic have found a new way to subvert a conventional narrative with their own brand of insanity. In this case, it's a coming-of-age story, where the Boycycle becomes Man-cycle...

In fact, Ganacci's transformation into half-chap and half-bike is so weirdly convincing, huge kudos are due to the VFX team at Haymaker in Sweden, whose 3D team are responsible for this tremendous feat.

And apart from anything else this gives us all the chance to admire Salvatore's chiselled torso - and perhaps even envy the old man as he rubs Boycycle's front headlight...


Wrong answers are also answers.

“This new video and song brings the world of Salvatore to a slightly different genre than one would expect. One of Salvatore’s big inspirations, Sebastien Tellier is featured on the track. People who are familiar with the world of Salvatore Ganacci will hopefully enjoy this emotional rollercoaster that is Boycycle. It is a coming-of-age story that leaves none of life's big questions unanswered. Mostly because wrong answers are also answers.”

Watch 'Salvatore Ganacci ft Sebastien Tellier 'Boycycle' by Vedran Rupic' here


DirectorVedran Rupic
ProducerChristian Kuosmanen
ProducerSiamand Masoodian
Production CompanyBusiness Club Royale
Executive ProducerTom Berendsen
1st ADGustav Sundström
Director of PhotographyLionel Cabrera
Focus PullerJosef Persson
2nd ACPatrik Vincent
GafferLuisa Fanciullacci
ColouristMartin Steinberg
Post production companyHaymaker
Lead actorSalvatore Ganacci
Lead actorViktor Gadeus
Other creditsVFX Producer: Rickard Germundsson VFX Supervisor & Compositing: Ulf Lunden Senior 3D/VFX Artist: Rikard Falk Senior 3D/VFX Artist: Michael Orbing Senior 3D Generalist Artist: Henrik Skymne Senior Matchmove: Jian Tang Senior Compositor: Håkan Blomdahl Drone Operator: Kasper Bröms Propmaker: Anders Muammar Costume Designer: Siri Bergnéhr Sound Designer: Alabaster Graphic Designer: Ingrid Linnéa Arnsand Jonsson Production Assistant: Joakim Asplund

David Knight - 18th Feb 2020

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