Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2020

A man meets a woman outside a late night shop in East London and persuades her to accompany him to a bar, in Aaron Silvanus' unusual and compelling video for rock outfit Calligram. 

This video, the first segment of a longer story, achieves its own gripping logic, shot in the style of the 1960's French New Wave, and Paweł Pawlikowski's Cold War

What starts off as a casual bar experience, with the music as soundtrack is then cleverly merged into a real, and frenzied heavy metal gig. Caught in the moment, it's a funny and serendipitous chain of events. The performances from the lead actors, Eva Bordoy and Edoardo Trowse, are excellent, and the open ending hints at twists and turns to come in the next chapter. 

DP Craig Murdoch utilises a grungy monochromatic palette to contrast the blossoming relationship, a stark reminder of the dark underbelly of the city and the potential threat around every corner. The video for Anedonia scratches the surface of a potentially haunting and thrilling concept, and raises plenty of questions to explore in the next video of the series. 

PRO Credits


DirectorAaron Silvanus
ProducerAaron Silvanus
Focus PullerLiam Cosgrove
LabelProsthetic Records
Lead actorEva Bordoy
Lead actorEdoardo Trowse
Other creditsKarina Pitis (runner)

Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2020

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