Rob Ulitski - 5th Mar 2020

Nafe Smallz breaks free from self-imposed limitations in Capone's hallucinatory video for Home Run. 

Across several conceptual setups, Smallz is seen suffocating under the weight of expectations, both from himself and society as a whole. Aesthetically reminiscent of a fever dream, the anachronistic setups blend into each other, forming an abstract narrative that is haunting yet strangely optimistic.

Depicting one man's struggle against the world, Capone has cleverly visualised the universal feeling of falling behind, and learning to stand back up, dust yourself off and move on. 


This video for Nafe felt like a culmination of working on so many videos together

"The video is about rebirth. It’s about seizing the moment to be the greatest of all time. I have worked with Nafe for eight or nine years now, shooting his first video many moons ago. This video felt like the result of that long working relationship. A culmination of working on so many videos together and both of our drive to exceed anything we have done before .

"The water scenes in the video are really pivotal. Over the years Nafe has had these periods of time where the stresses of life and the music business really begin to suffocate his creativity, hindering his progression. Throughout the video we see Nafe struggling in the water until he can barely breathe, this represents that battle he has to keep up his work rate and his focus on positive things.

"At the end of the video we see Nafe on top of the car rapping, he hasn’t rapped a single lyric until this point. This is his rebirth a nod to how pressure and stress can really impact a creatives ability to create! A point of no looking back as he strives for greatness."

PRO Credits


ProducerLavinia Noel
Production CompanyLola LDN
Production ManagerChris Phouphoullides
1st ADKeryn Mae
Director of PhotographyFrancis Lane
Focus PullerDaniel Deighton
2nd ACOsman ‘tekko’ Tekdemir
SteadicamGary Kent
GafferJohnjoe Besagni
Art DirectorPhoebe Anne Harris
WardrobeNayaab Tania
Hair & Make-upIman L
ColouristDylan Hageman
VFXWe Are Covert
Other creditsPyrotechnics: Joe Latimer Steadicam: Art Assistant: Zara Mills PA: Paul Evagoura

Rob Ulitski - 5th Mar 2020

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