Promonews - 27th Apr 2020

43 years after its original release in 1977, Morgan Powell has directed an animated video for Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, as part of the celebrations in the year of what would have been Marley's 75th birthday.

The visual puts a playful spin on the classic Big Bad Wolf fairytales. With the help of Three Little Birds (who, as we all know, sing sweet songs), Little Pig and Big Bad Wolf take the song’s advice and we witness the blossoming of an unlikely friendship - thanks to the imbibing of a certain substance.

Universal Music invited Powell and Seed Animation to pitch on the track to be released on International Weed Day - 20th April - to celebrate Bob’s Rastafarian roots. “I figured it would be interesting to pick two well-known enemies and flip their relationship on its head," says Powell. "I wanted to pose the question of what happens if you push through fear? And what’s on the other side of that? Little did we know when we started the project that by the end of production, the song's message would be even more relevant.” 

Bob Marley's daughter Cedella has said on the release of the new Three Little Birds video: “This song has helped provide hope and light for so many over the years - including me - and I hope it does the same for people now, especially with all that is going on in the world.”


DirectorMorgan Powell
ProducerSeed Animation Studio
Production CompanySeed Animation Studio
Executive ProducerNeil Kidney
LabelUniversal Music
Other creditsCharacter Design: Yohann Auroux Background Design: Anne Masse Production Assistant: Viktoria Bebok Animation Consultant: Emma Burch 2D Animators: Josep Bernaus (Lead), Campbell Hartley, Hannah Lau-Walker Clean-up Artist: Lisa O’Sullivan Compositing: Josep Bernaus

Promonews - 27th Apr 2020

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