Promonews - 5th May 2020

Tinie Tempah goes where other grime artists fear to tread, embracing the animation route for his video for Moncler, featuring Tion Wayne - directed by Robert Strange. 

The first animated music video of lockdown out of BLINKINK, Strange (Hot Chip, Superorganism) has created an eye-catching, colourful visual that fuses fluid 2D animation with a few live-action shots, and focusses on interconnectivity, a prescient topic in this time of self-isolation.

We see the real Tinie on a phone, but mostly we're at home with the animated version of Tinie, his lady, and his dog Pablo, as he FaceTimes the live-action Tion. That is before the two rappers reunite in the a virtual world. 

It turns out we can still socialise with each other during this time - we just have to be creative.


I had a closer working relationship with Tinie than I've had with most other artists.

"You’d expect the process to be made trickier during the current situation. But I found that if anything remote working was easier to manage and allowed me as a director to develop a good working relationship with everyone on my team rather than just the person sitting next to me at the studio. 

"[And] I had a closer working relationship with Tinie than I've had with most other artists, which was probably part-lockdown, part-personality. He sent me so many good ideas and most made it into the video; number one being the inclusion of his pooch Pablo."

PRO Credits


DirectorRobert Strange
ProducerCorin Taylor
Production CompanyBlinkink
Executive ProducerLaura Northover
Executive ProducerJosef Byrne
IllustratorRob Flowers
CommissionerSam Seager
Other creditsAnimators: Jac Clinch, Knifeson Yu, Campbell Hartley, Hannah Lau-Walker Compositor: Tom Fisher

Promonews - 5th May 2020

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