Rob Ulitski - 7th May 2020

Be Charlotte shows off her dance skills in Ainsley Bowman's choreography-centric video for Lights Off. 

Utilising various practical lights and an army of dancers, the video is contemporary and glossy, with killer styling and a dramatic colour palette. 


"For my second collaboration with Be Charlotte, I wanted to create a visual that reflected the song's pop sensibilities in an empowering and energetic way. The choreography was central to the idea to achieve the kind of spectacle of movement and light that I wanted and it was amazing working with choreographer Tamsyn Russell to bring this to life.

"I really enjoyed the experimenting and testing that went into making this video. Getting the right kind of light source and structure was surprisingly tricky so I had to come up with creative ways to get the kind of look I wanted as well as making sure the light could be easily held by the dancers during their performance.

"The shoot was pretty intense on this one as we had so much to get through. All the dancers and Charlotte brought 100% which was incredible to work with. A lot of people went into bringing this idea to life - massive thank you to all my collaborators and crew." 

PRO Credits


DirectorAinsley Bowman
ProducerBeth Allan
Production CompanyForest Of Black
Production ManagerHannah Currie
Director of PhotographyDavid Liddell
Focus PullerNico Biarese
2nd ACLuca Michelli
Art DirectorMarie Lidén
WardrobeAmanda Blackwood
HairJack Baxter
Make-upSara Hill
ChoreographerTamsyn Russell
CommissionerLouie John Lewis
LabelSony Germany
Other creditsCamera Trainee: Gregor Stirling Lighting Trainees: Mondo Love and Tano Caruso Art Department Trainee: Oscar Mcintosh Make-Up & Hair Assistants: Gaia Zerbinati, Katie Mackie, Julia Ekholm Dancers: Bridie Gane, Jo Pirrie, Olivia Roach, Ailish Hassett, Amy Robertson, Kirsten Walker, Katie James, Jorja Follina

Rob Ulitski - 7th May 2020

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