Rob Ulitski - 18th May 2020

Nelson De Castro directs a story of self-reflection for Waze & Odyssey's Always, that toys with viewer's perceptions - and is not diminished by referencing the classic video for the original track. 

Utilising a seamless blend of practical and digital mirroring effects, the concept for De Castro's video for the remix of Always - written by Stevie Wonder in the '70s, covered by George Michael and Mary J Blige in the '90s - takes place in a diner, where De Castro playfully switches between different types of doubles. At first it's mirror FX, and then the mirror breaks down, interweaves and disconnect (literally) at cleverly timed moments.

The beauty of the video lies in how the skill of the choroegraphy, and the cast - led by the Huber twins, Allison and Veronica - gently emerges. Eddie Inda's wonderful art direction helps hide the subtle transitions, creating brilliantly surreal copies of clocks, sprawling menus that overlap corners and intricate coffee stains.

Combined with DoP Jeff Leeds Cohn's complex yet striking cinematography, De Castro has orchestrated one of his most successful videos - particularly in this director's cut. Here, he also includes excerpts from George Michael and Mary J Blige's own remarkable video for Always - by directing duo Big TV!

"We designed, built and cast a perfectly mirrored world, down to the last drop of spilled coffee." he says. "It allowed us to intercut simple digital-mirror effects like an on/off switch." It's a mesmerising, thoroughly entertaining trip.

PRO Credits


DirectorNelson De Castro
ProducerBriana Goldberg
Production CompanyLittle Ugly
Executive ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Executive ProducerJesse McClung
Production ManagerTim Kerigan
1st ADMichael Coursey
Director of PhotographyJeff Leeds Cohn
Focus PullerDaniel Ajemian
2nd ACTessa Kier
GafferPierre Habib
Art DirectorEddie Inda
WardrobeMeredith Peebles
Hair & Make-upKimtsy Sanchez
EditorTaylor Brusky
ColouristJacob Mckee
Post ProducerNaheem Adio
VFXBryan Fugal
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerKat Cattaneo
LabelMinistry of Sound
LabelSony Music
Other creditsCast: Allison Huber, Veronica Huber, Sonya Millen, Sabrina Millen, Takazo Hall, Kaizo Hall, Joseph Harold, Joel Harold

Rob Ulitski - 18th May 2020

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