David Knight - 19th May 2020

As Robbie Doherty has turned Suzanne Vega's Joe Diner into a club banger, all over again, with Pour The Milk, so it's up to Max Siedentopf to make milk cool all over again, in pretty much the only way you can these days...

His star is a glamourous vlogger (played by Maria Richards) who is sampling a new product for her avid viewers - it's milk, of course, and she gets a bit carried away. She doesn't just drink it, she... well, it's better if you just watch it.

The ramping up of this influencer spoof to live action cartoon of zany visual jokes is a hoot, and very welcome right now - and arguably the best use of milk in a video since Blur's Coffee & TV.

All in a days work of remote directing for Max Siedentopf, who is having a very creative lockdown...


"The video revolves around a beautiful blogger girl, who is filming herself in her bedroom where she tests a different product every week. This week - MILK - and all the ways you can pour and use it.

"Seeing as we are in extraordinary times right now, we wanted to find a way that we can shoot a music video without having to rely on big crews and equipment - but something that felt quite natural where the actress and her sister could shoot the entire video themselves. 

"Every one of us constantly has a camera on us, and most kids have their own channel documenting every step of their lives. So it felt right to do something in the world of TikTok and YouTube channels and how far some kids would go to be seen."

PRO Credits


DirectorMax Siedentopf
ProducerKate Brady
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
WardrobeKerry Saxon
ChoreographerJamie Neale
EditorBen Crook
ColouristRichard Fearon
Post production companyBlack Kite
Lead actorMaria Richards
CommissionerElena Argiros
LabelSony Music
Other creditsCamera & Lighting Advisor: Dan McPake Casting Director: Sophie North Animated Titles: Yonk

David Knight - 19th May 2020

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