Promonews - 3rd June 2020

Directing duo CC Wade have devised a psychological drama of existential angst, and a noirish vision of urban sleaze, within the frugal circumstances of our times, for LL Burns. 

The video for Burns's brooding Get Me Back In The Game was produced in isolation, entirely by the brother-directors, but the scope of the video is the span of the city, as travelled on a train through the night. Burns' face is the reflection in the glass - he is drawn, perspiring, riven with angst as he looks out, during the course of the journey. Then another, older man sits next to him...

What happens next is as much suggested through the grit of Burns's lyrics as what's on screen, but the passing city becomes increasingly distorted and dreamlike. The visual style is hypnotic, but at the centre is an intense performance from the haunted-looking Burns. So good. 

PRO Credits


DirectorCC Wade
ProducerCC Wade
Production CompanySomesuch

Promonews - 3rd June 2020

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