Rob Ulitski - 24th June 2020

Creative studio AMITYBLOC has directed an inventive lockdown video for emerging rapper Respons, in their second creative collaboration together. 

Utilising mixed media and bundles of nostalgic imagery, the video is a DIY homage to youth culture, pondering the decisions that have to be made day to day to keep us on the right track. 


There's plenty of micro Easter-eggs packed into the two-minute visual to encourage viewers to go back to look out for things they may have missed first time.

"With the artist championing a heavy DIY spirit, we wanted to place him in a mixed-media DIY craft wonderland. Mirroring that spirit, everything was created using hand-made methods to give it a really tactile and analogue feel.

"The floating bottles and pouring glasses were created with string, bottle corks and chopsticks against a green screen. All the paper and tape elements were cut and scanned in frame by frame.

"The result is a video which hopefully maintains the attention of the viewer throughout. There's a bunch of micro Easter-eggs packed into the short two-minute visual to encourage anyone to go back over and watch to look out for things they may have missed the first time round."


LabelAccess Records

Rob Ulitski - 24th June 2020

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