Rob Ulitski - 26th June 2020

Olivia J. Middleton directs a dark, melancholic portrait of depression within a modern relationship, in her video for Lunir's Learning. 

Inside an apartment, Lunir - Becky Sikasa and David Scobie - are in separate rooms, frozen in a state of anxiety, as the sun creeps through slits in the curtains. The despondent vibe carries through to the performances, which are emotionally affecting and defeated, embodying the themes of the track and concept. 

Middleton cleverly elevates the visual through subtle art direction and choices in the composition and edit, anchoring the video in reality whilst adding an abstract creative flair.


DirectorOlivia J. Middleton
ProducerOlivia J. Middleton
ProducerLeon Brehony
1st ADDavid Fraser
Director of PhotographyLeon Brehony
Focus PullerFiann Macleod
Camera operatorSean Corbett
EditorOlivia J. Middleton
ColouristJack Lang
Lead actorBecky Sikasa
Lead actorDavid Scobie
RunnerGeorgia Tato
RunnerLuke Stuart

Rob Ulitski - 26th June 2020

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