Rob Ulitski - 7th July 2020

Cult animation director Cyriak Harris directs a subversive and surreal animation for Sparks' The Existential Threat. 

Taken from their new Sparks album A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip, the collaboration is a match made in heaven. Or should that be hell? 

The video treads the line between a form of reality and an existential nightmare, distorting facial features and the environment with a warped series of effects. As you would expect from Cyriak, things become increasingly off-kilter, unnatural, and venture into the downright bonkers.

The song was recorded in 2018 and the treatment conceived before the impact of Covid-19, so perhaps thankfully, there is no reference to the very real existential threat we have all faced in the past few months. But with his untrammelled imagination and extraordinary technique, Cyriak gleefully explores every other possible nightmare. 

A hellscape of mutant trash, melting human beings and nuclear warfare... his hapless everyman hero has to face all of his many fears in a heart-pumping, thoroughly entertaining three and a half minutes.   



Rob Ulitski - 7th July 2020

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