Rob Ulitski - 16th July 2020

Skip Marley and friends hang out all day doing nothing in Tim Fox's animated video for Slow Down. 

Stylistically reminiscent of 2002's Jet Set Radio Future game and 90's anime, the visual feels like a lazy Saturday afternoon spent with friends just hanging out. 

Skip rides his skateboard, they cruise in a converted jet engine car that spews out good vibes then go to a club and lose their minds.

Zesty and energetic, the kaleidoscopic colours and experimental shots perfectly match the track, and the subtle nods to current events in the wall art and graffiti give the video a poignant context.


I've been watching lots of cartoons with my two year old, secretly analyzing what makes the good ones so good.

"This was a new venture into character design for me, having mostly worked with motion graphics and avoided characters at all costs. For this video I got the right team behind me to realise the cast. I still have a lot to learn in this department.

"I've been watching a lot of cartoons with my two year old and secretly using our quality time together to analyze what makes the good ones so good. I've also always loved anime and grew up on 90s MTV, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network so this video is a culmination of everything I've gleaned from that.

"I was able to draft in my regular collaboration buddy Dan Crossan to art direct this video. He created all the art on the walls, the words and helped with the concept and design. Having him on board added an extra dimension to the video injecting it with a unique look and personality."


DirectorTim Fox
ProducerEdie Rollins
Production CompanyCultlovesyou
Art DirectorDaniel Crossan
Director's RepresentationLark Creative
CommissionerSteven Gottlieb
LabelIsland Records

Rob Ulitski - 16th July 2020

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