Rob Ulitski - 24th July 2020

Barcelona-based Trizz Studio's Oriol Puig directs an introspective narrative told through beautiful 3D animation, in the epic video for Dermot Kennedy's Giants. 

The visual opens with a spark to ignite the journey, a spectacular wall of clouds erupting in an otherwordly location. A tapestry of computer-generated environments and textures follow, as metal fibres interweave to form an exoskeleton of Kennedy. The power of nature and Dermot’s persona suggest a spirit of both mechanical and detailed phenomena in Puig’s artistic mind.

As he makes his way through the perpetually changing landscape, the very structures of the ground and earth twist and deform to create new textures and shapes. Speaking about the striking concept, director Puig says "We created a subject and set it in constant motion, sometimes struggling through different situations, then stopping to enjoy moments of simple beauty - a metaphor for a constantly evolving life."

The production value on-screen is breathtaking, and the themes of humanity and evolution are represented through the everyday being presented in an unusual way- for example, a torrent of blue sand moving in an invisible container, and bubbles of mercury expanding whilst the ground implodes around them. These uncanny details help immerse the viewer in a new world and environment, something familiar but very alien at the same time, and the detailed attention to light and shadow blurs the boundary between reality and imagination. 

This project marks the first collaboration between Barcelona studio Trizz and the UK's BlinkInk. Trizz were commissioned in lockdown during mid Covid, just as nature’s recovery became apparent. 

“Coronavirus has made people rethink their relationship to nature and how that affects our actions." Puig continues. "It’s made us rethink and visualize the impact we have and how quickly nature is able to self-heal. This brings us to a new set of emotions and a new angle on what our priorities should be."

Spanning three months work with weekly updates to the record label, the film was made 95% in 3D, with additional performance sequences of Dermot shot against a greenscreen at his home. Trizz scanned existing video footage of Dermot to learn his poise and mimic as well as reference his textures, and the environments were generated from photos and shaded, lit and manipulated using procedural and particle systems.

Beautifully executed and an exciting first collaboration for the two animation studios, Giants is a cinematic adventure through a futuristic landscape, and is impossible to look away from. 


DirectorOriol Puig
Production CompanyTrizz
Production CompanyBlinkink
Executive ProducerJosef Byrne
Executive ProducerChris Vulpi
ProducerHarriet Christie
Creative DirectorAlex Martin
Head Of ProductionAlbert García
LabelTap Management
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
Creative DirectorRichard Sloan
EditorOriol Puig
Other creditsCG Lead: Alex Martin CG Artist: Alberto Corpas Creative Research: Laura Ibañez, Katerina Mileva Animation: Alan Caravantes, Hampa Studio Compositing: Lead Mikel Gomez, Jorge Febrero Live Action Production: Antidote Films Live Action Director: Brendan Canty Live Action Cinematographer: Colm Hogan Liquid Sand Machine: Albert García Practical FX: Marcos Diaz Phantom Operator: Laura Ibañez Lighting and Camera: Oriol Puig Shoot Assistant: Katerina Mileva

Rob Ulitski - 24th July 2020

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