Rob Ulitski - 5th Aug 2020

Austin Duerst blurs reality and fiction in the video for Knowshun's Flammatory. 

Taking place inside a video game world, Knowshun takes a break from real life to sit back and relax, but ends up trapped in a deadly reality with no escape. 

Nicely shot and edited, the use of a drone/high-angle camera in the game world effectively represents the third person perspective popularised in games like Grand Theft Auto, with a shared taste for violence and bloody mayhem. 

A spattering of lo-fi VFX grounds the concept firmly in a fictitious environment, and feels reminiscent of early 2000's shoot-em-up games. 


DirectorAustin Duerst
ProducerAustin Duerst
Production CompanyMind-you-mental Llc
Production Company80 Films Productions
Executive ProducerJames Mc Gee
Production ManagerAustin Duerst
1st ADAustin Duerst
Director of PhotographyJames Mc Gee
GafferJames Mc Gee
Art DirectorAustin Duerst
EditorJames Mc Gee
EditorAustin Duerst
Editing companyMind-you-mental Llc
Editing company80 Films Productions
LabelMind-you-mental Llc

Rob Ulitski - 5th Aug 2020

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