Rob Ulitski - 6th Aug 2020

Lily Rose Thomas builds upon a familiar perspective, in her video for Oliver Pash's No Namer Blues. 

Over lockdown many of us have been holed up inside, staring out the window to see how others are coping and getting on. Framed by a simple concept that blends the inside and outside worlds, Thomas had the idea to focus on windows and our personal experiences of lockdown. 

Spanning a number of unique user-generated clips, the video is an international effort with a charming and ethereal style. 


Oliver and I were locked down together in a flat without a garden...  we spent a long time gazing out of the window.

"The video is a reflection on the ‘open window’, filled with longing, just as the song is. The idea for No Namer Blues came from Oliver and I being locked down together in a flat without a garden, where we had spent a long time gazing out of the window; windows took on a new significance, and so we ran with this for the video.

"We asked as many people as we could think of to film a simple shot of their view, with our only request being that we wanted to see the window frame in the shot.

"The shots of windows, from people all over the world, progress from day to night - we collaborated with editor Charlie Von Rotberg who did a fantastic job of stitching all the footage together."

PRO Credits


DirectorLily Rose Thomas
ProducerHayley Williams
Production CompanyAgile Films
EditorCharlie Von Rotberg
Director's RepresentationOB Management

Rob Ulitski - 6th Aug 2020

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