Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2020

Two young men are brought together in a series of repeating loops, in Czech director Jára Moravec's video for Elderbrook's Why Do We Shake In The Cold?

The two friends - played by dancers Antonín Ničovský and Daniel Vitešník - stumble around the palatial location in a state of wonder, transitioning into distorted choreography and glitchy movements. 

Completely mesmerising, the use of a drone-mounted 360 degree camera makes for hypnotic and mind-bending shots, elevating the otherworldly nature of the concept and blurring the boundary between reality and fiction. 


"Delirium induced fata morgana brings together two lone friends. Constantly piercing through their bubbles, they seem stuck in ever repeating loops - Elderbrook's new video is a timely reminder of invisible habits and patterns that form our decisions and affect our lives."

PRO Credits


DirectorJára Moravec
ProducerMojas Perovic
Production CompanyCardel
Executive ProducerCarla Mooney
Executive ProducerDelwyn Mooney
Production ServicesBistro Films
Production ManagerKlára Plechsson
1st ADKristýna Rousková
Director of PhotographyFilip Marek
Focus PullerJan “hofajz” Hofmann
2nd ACRichard Krejza
GafferTomáš Volter
EditorKatarina Gramatová
LabelWarner Music UK
DancerAntonín Ničovský
DancerDaniel Vitešník
CommissionerSam Seager
Other creditsSet Dressing: Helena Liška, Václav Bejlek Props: Farid Beyzai, Martin Žerdík Ronin Op: Anton Endovshenko Drone Op: Vojtěch Pollák Electrician: Roman Lety Jabůrek Costumes/MUP: Aneta Boháčová Catering: Lenka Egrtová Transport: Jan Salvet Thanks To: Lokační.cz, Ondřej Novák, Martin Svoboda, Rosťa Samec, Věra Bechyňová, Mr. Šimánek

Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2020

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