Rob Ulitski - 28th Aug 2020

Callum Lloyd-James directs a breezy and dynamic video for Vistas' Stranger.

Exploring connection and the loneliness following a failed relationship, the abstract concept places the group in an expansive loft space, joined by a handful of colourfully decorated mannequins. 

Through clever editing, the video presents itself as a one-shot, masterfully transitioning between sequences through Ben Eeley's Steadicam work.


It was a rare occasion when the constraints of Covid actually suited what we were trying to make.

"The idea was born out of the sense of loneliness present in the lyrics, not being able to connect with the person you care about the most. The mannequins act as the faceless embodiment of the ones closest to us and being separated from someone you once held so close in your life.

"We had initially planned a shoot for one of Vistas' other tracks but that shoot was cancelled due to Covid. That film would have been a oner so we picked up the idea and adapted it for this one. Combine that with some great art design and the beautiful location and I think we’ve managed to create something really unique, that fits the track well.

"It’s one of the rare occasions where the constraints of Covid actually suited what we were trying to make and subsequently aided us in the creative process."

PRO Credits


DirectorCallum Lloyd-James
ProducerJulien Cornwall
Production CompanyHead & Wrecker
Executive ProducerAsh Teague
Production ManagerElle Dolan
Director of PhotographyEt Ng
Focus PullerFyras Slaiman
2nd ACRishika Bhiwaniwala
SteadicamBen Eeley
Art DirectorOliver Thom
Make-upPaulo Messa
ColouristDragonfruit Lee
LabelLab Records
Other creditsStills: Lucy Bilcock

Rob Ulitski - 28th Aug 2020

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