Rob Ulitski - 14th Sept 2020

Life is hard in the trenches for Mikill Pane and Dream McLean, in Ricky Valentine's witty visual for All Quiet On The Eastern Front. 

While Pane and McLean relate those desperate hours at the end of a big night, Valentine creates a surreal version of a familiar warzone. The video for All Quiet On The Eastern Front is set within a network of trenches, through which Pane and McLean stagger in full First World War fatigues. Only there is no war, no blood and no explosions. All is indeed quiet on this front. Apart from some strange characters who they encounter on their journey. 

Formed of three long takes - another nod to Sam Mendes's WW1 epic 1917 - the visual is stylish and enigmatic. And then, in the last few seconds of the running time, it's revealed that this nightmarish scenario is all in their heads. With top-notch performances from both artists, the setting really makes the most out of the limited resources the team were working with. 


DirectorRicky Valentine
ProducerHarley Sulé

Rob Ulitski - 14th Sept 2020

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