Rob Ulitski - 25th Sept 2020

Luke Jenison self-directs the video for Peach Fuzz Kurt Russell, documenting his hapless attempts to become a film star. 

Following the similarly tongue-in-cheek video for Boyfriend released last month, the concept follows the happy-go-lucky artist (self-branded as Your Mother's Favorite Rapper) as he navigates incompetent boom-operators, cranky directors, unsatisfied romantic dates, and even a swift punch to the face... 

Jenison has a knack for self-depreciating comedy, and the latest entry to his videography is a promising step-up in production value and concept. Jenison is an artist who knows his brand and what he has to say, and he does so in a refreshing and hilarious way. 


DirectorLuke Jenison
ProducerLuke Jenison
Production CompanyStress Free Entertainment
Executive ProducerLuke Jenison
Director of PhotographyKenji Chong
Focus PullerTrevor Nitschke
2nd ACChet Hamilton
GafferMichah Harrison
EditorNoah Goodman
ColouristNoah Goodman

Rob Ulitski - 25th Sept 2020

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