Promonews - 19th Oct 2020

The third track released from Cannot Be, Whatsoever, the forthcoming third album of Novo Amor - aka Welsh producer Ali Lacey - has inspired an arresting visual journey by Dutch director Lisette Donkersloot, to symbolise the reality of a painful breakup.

Through the use of stunning setups and styling Donkersloot addresses the process - the betrayal, heartache, solitude and finally moving on and rebirth after losing someone you love. It's a relatable subject treated in a very imaginative fashion, with memorable imagery, and the charismatic Yu Lun Wong embodies the damaged lovelorn individual with a terrific performance

In a series of wonderful scenes, Yu Lun arranges a roomful of hard-boiled eggs around them, hugs a huge tree, watches their heart sitting alone in a butcher's cabinet - all the time with a set of knives deeply entrenched in their back.

Donkersloot brings a highly-crafted, fashion-forward, rather witty sensibility to each scenario, but also untangles the different, deep sides of Novo Amor’s music in the process.


I wanted to tell a universal feeling from a gender-fluid point of view.

“For this video I was inspired by several things. One being [the work of] Spanish performance artist Pilar Albarracín, and of course the track I Feel Better which I’ve really come to love.

"But mostly I wanted to capture the idea of recovering from heartbreak and betrayal. This paradoxal feeling where you on the one hand are dying to reconnect/feel affection, but simultaneously are equally afraid to let anyone new in due to trust issues, and the fear of getting hurt again. So you continue to shut people out and suffer in solitude. In my opinion this represents a universal feeling so I wanted to tell it from a gender fluid point of view.

"I am super grateful and pleased to have collaborated with Ali [Novo Amor], he respected my vision from the get-go and gave me a lot of creative freedom.”

PRO Credits


DirectorLisette Donkersloot
ProducerWerner De Coninck
Executive ProducerDaniella Manca
Executive ProducerEva Van Riet
Director of PhotographyMaxim Desmet
SteadicamCharly Vandedrinck
Focus PullerNathan Lederman
GafferArnaud Hock
Key GripTim Roels
Art DirectorNajib Braeckenier
StylistAdrien Gras
Make-upLaura Noben
EditorEmiel Nuninga
VFXKris Janssens
ColouristErik Van Den Heuvel
Grading companyDe Grot
Lead actorYu Lun Wong
CommissionerDave Grinnell

Promonews - 19th Oct 2020

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