Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2020

Creative studio LADYBUG present a dynamic lyric video for CMTEN, in which each setup is designed to look like a 16-bit video game title screen.

Reminiscent of time spent at the arcade as a kid, the concept is inspired by the glitchy vocals and soundscapes in the track, tapping into a sense of carefree nostalgia and yearning for youthful days. 

The bold, chaotic colour palettes and animation work in a strangely engaging way, taking a deep-dive into lo-fi aesthetics whilst retaining a unique and standout style. All the better to represent the lyrics, a stream of self-loathing delivered in super-compressed, sped-up vocals by Glitch Gum.   

PRO Credits


ProducerNina Athill
Production CompanyLADYBUG
Executive ProducerLuis Hindman
AnimatorAnna Smith
AnimatorSufiyaan Salam
Motion GraphicsPeter Walker

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2020

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