Rob Ulitski - 11th Jan 2021

Hip-hop funnyman Luke Jenison bids farwell to 2020, with the Sesame Street-inspired promo for New Year's Kiss. 

Featuring a handful - pun intended - of anthropomorphic sock puppets, things heat up as protagonist Socky and side character Jenison set out to get what every hopeless romantic wants at the end of the year: a New Year’s kiss.

The video has the same quirky, lo-fi attitude as Jenison's previous releases, with a parallel narrative that explores love, pain, deception and hope, with plenty of self-depricating humour to round things off. 


DirectorLuke Jenison
ProducerLuke Jenison
Director of PhotographyKenji Chong
Focus PullerBlake Mendoza
GafferMichah Harrison
Post ProducerNoah Goodman
Other creditsKey Grip - Brayden Reed Production Assistant - Carolina Bayon

Rob Ulitski - 11th Jan 2021

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