Rob Ulitski - 1st Mar 2021

Indy Hait’s brilliant promo for Lola Marsh features the band competing in a table tennis competition, with some clever visual trickery.

Filmed in one continuous take - atop a motion control rig - the camera seamlessly weaves and rotates around the table, immersing viewers in the action as the pair rhythmically hit the ball back and forth. 

“The snap and clap beats felt like a dialogue between two people in a relationship, almost in a dance” said Hait. 

“I also wanted to push the boundaries of mo-con camera movements, beyond just tracking the choreographed moves with the ball”. 

The band's moves were rehearsed for a week with a professional table tennis player, alongside three days of pre-vis work and programming before the shoot. 

PRO Credits


DirectorIndy Hait
ProducerPavel Buryak
Director of PhotographyIndy Hait
Director's Rep (UK)Joyrider

Rob Ulitski - 1st Mar 2021

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