Rob Ulitski - 19th Mar 2021

Pip + Lib direct a poignant promo exploring the breakdown of a friendship, for Mathilda Homer's Rock Bottom. 

As the artist rides in the backseat of a car cruising down forest roads, there is an air of awkwardness as none of the characters talk to each other. There is the suggestion of a fight, or an undiscussed rut keeping them from connecting. 

Interweaving portrait style shots of Homer, with abstract vignettes of the three characters, it's a breezy visual with plenty of backstory to imagine and uncover... and some very decent fire effects at the end. 


No-one ever talks about how hard it is when a friendship reaches rock bottom.

"When a relationship ends in flames, the memories are scattered like ashes. We leave parts of them in places, and sometimes they come back to us when we hear songs we used to love, or drive past roads we used to share. And even when we try to piece it back together it always seems to burn a little more.

"It was really important for us for this film to acknowledge friendship of some kind, because for us they have been some of the most important and defining relationships in our lives, and no-one ever talks about how hard it is when a friendship reaches rock bottom.

"Rigs, rain and country rhymes but it wasn't a holiday."

PRO Credits


DirectorPip + Lib
ProducerMeghan Willcox
Production CompanyBELIEVE MEDIA
Executive ProducerCAMP PRODUCTIONS
Production ManagerAmy Francesca
Director of PhotographyFola Abtan
Focus PullerEyaz Chishty
2nd ACBradley Panda
GafferDavid Witchell
HairShanice Noel
Make-upLucy Pearson
StylistChloe Griffin
SFXJoe Knight at Dynamite FX
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
Other creditsGrip: Aaron Porter Spark: Sonny Mihajlovic Cast: Meg Lyons, Mikayah Noel Runners: Elizabeth Duyilemi, Kemi Ajiafe Medic: Steven BTS: Isaac Confino

Rob Ulitski - 19th Mar 2021

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